Our Philosophy|経営理念  

New York

If hair could inspire people to meet and friend to gather…
With that hope in mind, in 1978, TOSHI,the owner, opened the first Hair Mates in Midtown Manhattan.
Now, with staffs from various countries at six salons New York and Japan, we provide world-class, valuable techniques and services.

そんな願いを込めて1978年、オーナーTOSHIによりNYミッドタウンからHair Matesは始まりました。
今ではNY、日本 6店舗の様々な国からのスタッフを仲間に世界に通じる価値のある技術とサービスを提供しています。


私たちHair Matesは ”髪” を通して繋がった家族、仲間、そして関わるすべての方を受入れ、“感謝”の心を育てていきます。
私たちHair Matesは“美”を通して最大限の美しさとやすらぎを与え、“感動”の輪をひろげていきます。
私たちHair Matesは“出会い”を大切にし、いつも学ばせていただいているという“素直”な気持ちを持ち続けます。 

We, Hair Mates, welcome everyone whom we come in contact with through “hair”, and will strive to deepen our gratitude.
We, Hair Mates, provide utmost beauty and peace through “care” and extend the circle of “happiness”.
We, Hair Mates, treasure every “encounter” and will continue to be always “thankful” for the opportunities to learn.


私達はNEWYORK と TOKYO のスタイルをクリエイトし、 
HairMates を取り巻く全ての人々に美と笑顔を与えられる美容室を目指します。

Our mission is to provide an ideal relationship
between our guests and their hair design. 
That is, to introduce a new design that best reflects each individual. 
We are dedicated to create the styles of NEWYORK and TOKYO, 
and bring smiles and beauty for everyone at HairMates.


LOHAS をコンセプトに、 
HairMates を取り巻く全ての人に美を与える事。

Based on the concept of LOHAS, 
to be friendly to the earth , 
human body and hair, and bring beauty for everyone at HairMates.



We aim to become a “Steady” hair salon rooted in the community 
and loved by locals where they can casually stop by anytime.